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DIY Wood Planter Box

To enjoy the look of wood without the expense planters, choose to build your own. Determine where you will use the wood planter box and decide what will be planting. It is important to understand how large mature plants get so you know how deep and wide for its pot. Planters full of dirt are very heavy, so if you plan to move the planters often make them smaller.

Once you have your measurements, check the wood and cut to size. For cutting wood and the bottom frame. For added decoration wood planter box, cut pieces for the top too. Cut each end of the molding at an angle of 45 degrees so that the pieces fit together properly. Use a miter box to mark and cut the angles correctly. Screw the four sides together with a screwdriver, then attach the frame to the base.

To maintain a good drainage, it may be useful to drill several holes in the base of wood planter box. If you were to place the pot in an area that could be damaged by water drainage, opting instead to add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the pot. Flip the planter over and use finishing nails to add embellishments.

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