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DIY Precast Outdoor Fireplace

Precast outdoor fireplace – An outdoor fireplace is the perfect gathering place for friends and family when it comes to having fun in the garden. Here’s the recipe for how to build it! The fireplace quickly becomes the place you pull together when the sun goes down and the cold comes. The fireplace can be built on a long weekend. It will be delivered at your address in the form of large building blocks, made of natural material pumice a residue from the Icelandic volcano and the elements are equal to glue together as major building blocks.

Start to lay a solid foundation for the precast outdoor fireplace in the 90 cm depth. If you like this sets the fireplace on a tiled terrace which usually have fall you can correct fallen up by building a shuttering the size of the bottom of the fireplace.

Finally, you can polish the entire surface with the supplied Schiedel Chimney Isokern Shine. Mix with water according to directions. Once you have polished finished precast outdoor fireplace, you can immediately make a try lighting with a little burn. Help the chimney on the road for the first time with a little heat from a weed burner then comes the fireplace better off with the smoke from try lighting the fire.

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