DIY Outdoor Bench Seat Cushions

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Outdoor bench seat cushions – Pillows can give your porch or patio some color and make chairs more comfortable. The trick is to use and padding designed for outdoor use, that will help cushions withstand moisture and mold.

Choose a color scheme. Start with the colors that are already present, such as the color of the house, walls or furniture that is on the terrace. If shutters are a light color, you may want to match it with your pillows. Decide how many pillows do and what size. Measure your chairs if you want to make cushions that will fit certain chairs. Pillows can be the seat of the chairs, or they can cover the seat and back. You can also create outdoor bench seat cushions.

Make a pattern. Cut your fabric and foam filling. Cut fabric for so many pillows you want to do. Cut out the foam size of the finished cushion. Sew the pillowcase on three sides. Sew placed with the right sides together, then sewing on the wrong side. Flip the outdoor bench seat cushions right side-out and filling. You can fill them with foam cushion material, especially if it is a seat cushion, or you can fill with polyester fiberfill. Sew the last page of your hand.

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