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DIY Backyard Basketball Court

Backyard basketball court – Building your own home basketball court can be a rather ambitious undertaking, but with the right tools, patience and a little expertise, you can create a perfectly playable courts that years can offer to create value entertainment. Make a note of the base size of your intended area right on scrap paper. Hammer a stake in the ground to mark a corner of the court. Measure from downwards to the opposite corner, and a hammer interest to mark the length of one of the sides of the backyard basketball court. Hammer stakes to mark the remaining two corners and tie nylon cord along the tops of the effort to create a visual guide.

Use a shovel and a point-end shovel sod removing the rectangular playground. Dig the area below about 2 inches at the bottom, and the work of the soil with the shovel until it soft. Flat and smooth the ground to the level; Use a level to ensure maximum flatness. The right-hand surface may be asphalt or concrete. Mix the concrete according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. Use driving a hand to the top of the wet concrete to smooth the level again with the in order to ensure maximum uniformity. Have some clear and sunny days for the concrete set of backyard basketball court properly.

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