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Different Layout Paver Patterns

Paver patterns – The intrepid do-it-yourselfer to paver walkway or patio will have a lot of options these days. Predefined paver kits are widely available, with dozens of different patterns that lock together in a certain way. Old-school paver placers, however, still be able to exert their creativity with the aid of the standard clay paving bricks in various patterns and combinations of patterns to make a classic surface.

The most basic clay brick paver layout is the stretcher bond paver patterns. Pavers are included in end-to-end courses of full-size paver bricks laid. Each subsequent source is laid so that the joints are aligned with the centers of the plate elements in the previous course. This prevents continuous lateral joints, but it is a continuous longitudinal seam. The continuous longitudinal joints create the effect of a greater distance and direction in view of what function is provided at each end of the longitudinal axis. A stretcher bond paver patterns patio pointing with continuous joints in the house, for example, the terrace will appear wider; and continuous adding a walkway to the length look longer.

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If you use using ancient-looking stone tiles or pavers and you like an old English effect layout of basket weave paver pattern. The basket weave begins with two placed on the height to a square with a joint in the middle forming bricks – a fraction of a square.

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