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Diamond Brite Pool Popular Protect Finishing

Diamond Brite Pool – We all know that love is born out of sight. And in these two finishes, although they are achieved in different shades, they tend to have a characteristic color that varies from one application to another. While the Diamond Brite, although it has a range of colors to choose from, in general, the tones they handle are bluer. It can be said that it is the classic color of the movie pools.

Saving money due to its longer duration, comfortable and elegant finishes, and quick installation are some of the advantages that distinguish Diamond Brite from other pool coverings. This alternative consists of a combination of quartz powder and fortified white cement, which makes it an ideal solution for new and old pools. Unlike other marble based coatings, diamond brite pool is made of natural quartz, one of the hardest and purest minerals in nature. Generally, marble aggregates dissolve easily by the action of the chemicals used to treat pool water, causing unpleasant consequences and rapid deterioration.

Diamond Brite’s insoluble quartz aggregate is not affected by the strongest chemicals and resists permanent stains. Also, the compound of its color does not oxidize, is not erased and does not undergo modifications as other coatings. The latest developments in the modification of polymers have been applied to diamond brite pool cement, increasing its hardness, improving its adhesion and minimizing the penetration of water.

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