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Design Your Gazebo Roof

Gazebo Roof – Without prior experience, the design and construction of a gabled roof can be a real challenge. For a smalls project, such as a shed or a gazebo, it is possibles for a novice to design and build a roof to be proud.


1) Design your gazebo roof, locate and download a free trial design software ceiling. You can then decides what type of roof you want to build, as a simple sloping roof, double pitch, hip roof, etc. The author was a great success with software downloaded from internet.

2) Measure the dimensions of the structure is covered with a roof, and start connecting dimensions in your design software. Once finished, you can print the illustrations and dimensions of all the beams and the supports necessary for the construction of its gazebo roof.

3) Purchase timber and other necessary materials. With the help of an assistant, cutting the main frame pieces and start riding. Cut pieces of identical size and test beams, adjusting as necessary cuts. Continue cutting and assembly of the remaining beams.

4) Add additional supports in the middle and perpendicular to the joists to keep them well spaced and square. Cover the roof of plywood and tar paper.

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