Fireplace & Fire Pit

Design Build Fire Pit

Enjoy your yard in late fall and early spring adding a build fire pit ideas in your garden. There is a satisfaction “caveman” to sit around a campfire. For less than $ 200 and a weekend of easy work worthwhile, you can create a focal point in your garden in a safe and attractive place for a bonfire. Reviews laws local to know the limitations on open fires.

Build fire pit you will need 36 to 42 blocks of garden wedge. The amount depends on the angle block. Twelve, thirteen or fourteen blocks form a complete circle, depending on the brand and style. The product documentation or vendor in home shop can help you determine the amount necessary to complete a full circle. Three laps will make an attractive high. You will also need a couple of sandbags. As for the tools, you need a hoe, shovel, level, hammer, spray paint gardening a steel stake and a piece of rope.

Design a complete circle of blocks in an area near (but not in the area) which will build fire pit your plan. Measure the diameter. Around 6 inches (15 cm) closer and divide this measure by half.

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