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Design Blast Zone Water Slide

Blast zone water slide – Blast zone, create a leading domestic rubber release new series for us to review today. Inviting blast zone there is a new line of “rubber”. The theories behind the mega line are taking design and proven concepts and make it bigger and better with more and more features. At first glance, they hit a home run. Rubber editing two lines mega shark playing “mega Park” Park and water park inflatable 13 in 1 mega Croc. Both units on successful water slides that blast zone past three plus years. The original version of this design is really huge.

Play the mega Park shark park has evolved from a large white inflatable blast zone water slide. Great white is a straight line double chip is designed to be a children’s slide from the mouth of a shark. Shark Park takes that concept and makes the slide one side of the unit. This inflatable has everything. Children’s climbing shark back, head and sliding down the slide through the mouth in the pool area first, which can accommodate up to four children. Bounce House can be inserted through the opening of Velcro safety net or through the tunnel that runs under the slide. Enter either allow a secure entrance ways. Can multiply bounce houses as whole area Ping as well. This inflatable has something for everyone.

Blast zone inflatable lines are actually standing to compete on quality and design. While it’s clear that the blast zone water slide increases overall design with huge rubber with all features, they also add commercial additives to make the unit more durable. Blast zone not identified at the time of this publication, there is a warranty period of time large rubber, but very likely will take longer then 90 days high industry currently offers.

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