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Decorative Staining Concrete Patio

Staining concrete patio – Applying a stain coating has an ordinary gray concrete floor and makes it an attractive surface. The spots are very durable and more concrete requires a maximum of two layers. In preparation for dyeing, the concrete surface needs some work to eliminate any foreign or composite materials; treatment with a solution of muriatic acid reduces the alkalinity in stone so it can better accept the stain. Everything you need for this project is available in most shops home improvement or hardware. Plan to spend about two days from start to finish.

Sweep the staining concrete patio with a broom to remove debris, dirt or other foreign materials in the face of concrete. Clean the surface with a stiff brush and a mild detergent cleaner. Blend the cleansing water in a bucket according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the brush is dipped into the mixture several times during cleaning. Rinse the surface with a garden hose to remove soap.

Mix a solution of muriatic acid to apply to the surface to prepare for the staining concrete patio. Mix the acid in a plastic bucket using 1 cup of acid per 4 cups of water. The mixture is stirred for two minutes to ensure that properly mixed. Pour mixture into a plastic container irrigation.

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