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Decorating Front Porch Planters

Front porch planters add an extra decorative touch in front of your home. Colors of flowers or plants give an attractive contrast to the architectural details on the porch. When planning front porch planters, choose a design that will complement the outside of your house.

Hanging plants add a bold decorative touch to a front porch. On the reverse complement also home to a traditional style. Buy wire hanging plant or make your own with antique, decorative colander. Give holes to allow water pass through the darkness of dirt.  Metal containers create a modern look on the front of a house.  Vessels in this category include metal cans, antique buckets or basins. Metal containers for both flowers and green plants; finishes and lines give a dramatic contrast with the organic nature of plants. Metal planters also contrast nicely with brick exteriors.

You can add a jungle-like feeling on the front of your house. Grow flowers and green plants in the front porch planters place them in a plant stand. Make your own by stacking benches or build a simple set of steps. On small verandas, use the sides of the stairs. The plants will spill over the edge to create a slightly wild look.

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