Decorate a Outdoor Fireplace With Tv

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Outdoor fireplace with tv – With the invention of flat-screen TVs, it has become a popular choice to hang them over the fireplace. This gives your house a modern feel, and it’s nice to sit in front of a warm fire while you channel surf, Check the temperature over the fireplace where you want the TV. Tape a thermometer to the wall, building a fire and control the thermometer after half an hour to one hour. If the temperature reading of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you might consider putting a TV there. The heat from a fire can significantly shorten your TV. But a canopy hood over the fireplace dissipates heat away from the fireplace and the TV is an option if the temperature of your fireplace wall exceeds 90 degrees when a fire burning.

Measure your fireplace mantel or just set your TV there to see if it will fit. If the outdoor fireplace with tv safely with the stand, then you are good to go. If not, you will need to consider a wall mount. Use a stud takes on walls made of drywall above the fireplace. Mark where the buds and hang the TV mount following its instructions. It is very important to buy the right mount for your TV; you need one that will accommodate both the size and weight of your big screen.

Use concrete anchors on brick or concrete walls, then install outdoor fireplace with tv according to the instructions. Read mount instruction booklet carefully before attempting any installation. Do not mount the big screen mount yet.