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Deck Staining Checkerboard Idea

Deck staining is an easy way to add color and visual interest to the wood. However, if you do not want your deck to look like everyone else in the neighborhood, the traditional staining may not be your best option. There are a variety of ways to stain your deck for a more decorative, unique look. While some of the techniques require more time and planning than traditional staining likely you find the extra effort is worth it in the end. Below are ideas of deck staining checkerboard.

For an even bolder look with two colors of inks, giving its cover one aspect of chessboard. This project requires more preparation than the striped pattern but it is relatively easy to create once you have planned. Measure your floor area and determine how large you want the boxes in the checkerboard pattern to be. Use graph paper to chart the pattern of use of measurements of the plate. Use a yardstick and pencil to mark the grid on the cover. Lightly mark the grid deep enough tables to make visible the line. Check the boxes with tape and painted deck staining in two colors chosen inks.

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