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Deck Stain Colors

Deck stain colors – Leaving the unstained wood deck is leave it unprotected. Finally water and UV rays from the sun deck stain colors will deteriorate. Wood becomes a gray if unstained. Some owners prefer the worn appearance, but others think it makes the cover look dear. The choice of stain for your deck depends on the amount of protection you want and the color depth you want.

No color to clear deck stain colors. The timber is sealed and protected, but does not change the color. Clear stain allows the wood to weather naturally to a gray color. A spot of toner has a touch of color that enhances the color of natural wood, but not change. Usually it comes in colors that complement cedar or redwood, but can be used in pressure treated lumber as well.

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Solid deck stain colors allow the texture of the wood to come through but not the grain or color. These are more of a painting than a stain. Colors cover tones of blue, green, gray, white, brown and red. The colors range from dark colors to fade. The color is affected by the texture of wood – the same as a smooth wall will be different to a rough wall with the same paint.

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