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Deck Railing Posts

When you’re building a deck, it is important to make sure the rails along the perimeter are solid. These should be affirmed your deck railing posts rail and should not yield significantly when subjected to pressure. Roof rails installed properly and avoid possible injury liability claims. Fortunately, join rails covered with poles is one of the simplest aspects of building a deck. Measure the space between the poles rail with a tape measure. Hand rail will typically be level with the top of the posts and the cover rail bottom will be 10-15 cm from the surface of the cover boards.

Walking hand rail and lower the same length as the space between the deck railing posts. Place your hand rail and the bottom and add the axes between the rails at intervals no wider than 13.75 cm in the center. Brand lines parts where the upper and lower rail section will be found on the posts of the cover.

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The channel bottom should not be more than 15 cm from the surface of the cover. Place the assembly of the rails in place between the poles of the lane. Pilot holes drilled at an angle of 45 degrees through the upper and lower on the sides of the deck railing posts.

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