Deck Balusters Design

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deck railing designs wood

If you are in a simple style, stay straight with a basic deck baluster straight. You can buy straight deck balusters in a number of different metal materials for the wood to compose. For a historic feel, choose black, wrought iron baluster cover straight or simple post like square baluster. A railing can enhance the look of a deck or stairs, but its main purpose is to prevent it from falling. Many designs incorporate vertical railing balusters between posts.

Deck balusters provide additional support for the handrail and when properly spaced forming a barrier that keeps everyone, especially animals and small children, safely on the runway. Even a small railing can have 40 or more balusters, and attaching them can be a major task if you have not planned ahead. There is a simple technique to make strong bars on the decks and walkways, and with minimal effort.

Measure the distance between a pair of adjacent poles along the rail. Cut a piece of wood 4 by 4 inches to fit over between the posts, using the circular saw. This will be a booster for the deck balusters. If the rail has a bottom rail, cut one second brace.

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