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Dazzled Copper Outdoor Lighting

Copper outdoor lighting – A professionally lit outdoor area is the best advertising for your business and is proven to attract new customers. As the human eye is particularly sensitive in the dark, it is advised that great care be taken when planning the concept of enlightenment. In the outdoor tables, customers should have enough light to read the menus and see what they are eating and drinking. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that even low levels of light may be sufficient when the eyes have adapted to the conditions of ambient light, and that diners can be quickly dazzled by lights that are too bright.

Copper outdoor lighting (from about 2,000 to 3,300 degrees Kelvin) creates a cozy atmosphere and is more similar to candlelight in color temperature. A neutral light is the one that less attention calls for itself, but it can provide outstanding and pleasant contrasts as, for example, in objects of decoration, in a room with warm light.

Consult an expert on this type of facility in our centers before you start. Professionals can offer expert advice on any aspect, from the copper outdoor lighting of the bar and the points of light directed to attractive decorative objects, to linear installations of light for steps and stairs and effective ambient lighting for entrance areas.

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