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Damage of Outdoor Fire Pit with Chimney

Outdoor fire pit with chimney – Chimneys is because of their location often subject to little tougher weather than the rest of the building and will eventually exhaust stacks being degraded by the weather. Joints can become porous, top kapper and flashings may be leaking, so moisture can penetrate into the brickwork and cause moisture damage inside the building. Plaster and paint will lose adhesion and fall off. Moisture Damaged joints become porous and lose adhesion. Porous grout should be scratched out to a depth of max. 3-5 cm, or in the solid mortar.

Outdoor fire pit with chimney can either be built with bricks or with chimney elements. They can be internal, external against a wall or completely detached. If the masonry surface moisture damaged, remove all loose material, fouling, porous bricks, loose plaster and paint removal. This applies to chimneys built of bricks and chimney elements.

Flashing around the outdoor fire pit with chimney at roof duct must be in order to prevent moisture intrusion in this area. Fugen with flashing become porous / leaks and moisture can penetrate around the enclosure. Fugen scraped out, the enclosure is placed correctly and the joints filled with a weather-resistant, elastic joint. Have the chimney cap direct contact with the terrain; there may be a risk of rising damp

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