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Creating Circular Driveway

Circular driveway – Areas of territory around a circular path can be baffling when it comes to the selection of plants, figuring out where to place them, and creating balance. Done correctly, in the center of the bed and the areas surrounding the unit can input a striking and elegant. Before gluing plants on earth, developing a plan, taking into account the growth habits of plants, mature size, foliage and flower color and the environment it offers, such as light conditions.

Circular driveway adding a raised berm near the center of the circular road bed not only creates more privacy, but also gives you instant height area. Creating a mound up to 3 feet high in the center, allows rather small trees, as plumeria, palms multi-trunk. The use of evergreens with flowers gives the color area throughout the year.

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Circular driveway creates balance to the berm staggering shrubs and smaller plants covered through it. Plant its highest bushes at the top, where he graduated down with shorter plants planted around the bottom. This will give a natural flow berm and not divert attention from the central sample. The use of plant species that bloom at different times during the year for a display of color throughout the year.

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