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Create Backyard Water Slide

Backyard water slide – You can make your child’s birthday party a splash or distanced him from moping about indoors all summer long with many water themed activities in the zone of the wet and wild in your own backyard. Keep cool and kids busy for hours even if you’re building a water garden on a budget. Between sprinklings, spraying and soaking, water lover you will be waterlogged long before he’s ready to get back in his head.

Set up some inflatable pool side by side and filling each about two thirds full of water. Add dye to each backyard water slide different food. Place the spray bottle and water around the pool and a sign that says “charging stations.” If you don’t want children using each other as a target, making some of the aluminum pan. Make an “X” in the center of each with duct tape and suspend pots from trees and fence.

Set up two inflatable swimming pools more than dye outdoor food and fill up with water and water toys, such as inflatable animals of the sea, boats and plastic cup. In addition, set the child and set each backyard water slide so that the kids can slide into the pool. Fill the rest of the tray table bubble with a variety of different bubble toys and stick to your guests.

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