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Covered Pergola Ideas

Covered pergola – To create a visual separation between deck spaces in the rest of your yard, building a gazebo on the roof is a good choice. It allows you to define your space without enclosing cover. A gazebo provides an advantage over a pergola because it can cover the entire roof, and because it has added support to withstand the elements. The construction of a roundabout is a time consuming task, but it can add aesthetic appeal.

Covered pergola, remove the coating on the roundabout will be connected to the house. Cut two tables of 10 square inches ledger timber 1 by 10 inches, and using lag bolts to connect them to the house. Remove the liner directly on these tables, and attach copper flashing, sliding it up at least 3 inches behind the siding. Double flashing on the top and front panels of the ledger.

Covered pergola, dig post holes on the opposite end of the arbor, about 6 inches beyond the edge of the cover on both sides. Post holes should extend below the frost line, which can be up to 4 meters below ground. In addition, the holes should be at least 18 inches in diameter.

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