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Cost of Patio Screen Enclosure

Patio screen enclosure – Patio screen enclosure provides your home with a room that functions as a space outdoors and indoors. Contribute natural light and warmth of your home and increase living space. cost of a courtyard enclosure differs depending on specific items.

Patio screen enclosure is typically identified as models of two, three or four of season. Model you choose for your home greatly affects price because season more complex test your yard is, more it costs to build. A two-season model is a basic deck or patio with a roof and screens. A three-season model is weatherproof, but remains cool during winter. A four-season playground enclosure is built to withstand all seasons, so usually it is isolated and built on a base.

Size of your yard enclosure affects total cost, since higher court, more materials are needed to build it. For example, an 80 square meters, patio enclosure costs between $ 5,000 and $ 15,000, while a courtyard of 200 square meters, costs more than $ 55,000. Prefabricated patio screen enclosure will cost between $ 15,000 and $ 35,000, as indicated in Cost Helper. If you want a custom patio enclosure match style of your home, expect to spend more than $ 80,000.

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