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Connecting Deck Railing Balusters

Deck railing balusters – The balusters are the pillars that support the handrail and provide a decorative detail. The bars are usually installed in the holes of the stair treads and are stuck in a corner of the deck railing balusters. This technique is called nailed nailing. Because the upper ends of the balusters are inclined at a downward angle to suit the slope of the handrail, the top rivet from the rear side. Apply a bead of wood glue to the upper ends of the bars. Finger extends around the ends drop evenly by hand.

Place a level on each baluster and keep the level as you nail two nails evenly spaced in an approximate 45 degree angle across the back at the top end of the rail. Put the nails up at the bottom of the handrail at each joint between the deck railing balusters and handrails.

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Focuses on a set of nails and nail each finishing touch at the upper end with a hammer to trim the nails in the wood surface to a depth of approximately 0.15 cm. Fill the nail holes with wood putty using a spatula in each hole. Let the grout dry for 24 hours. Put flush sand the putty on the surface of deck railing balusters on each nail hole filled.

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