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Composite Deck Tiles Decorating

Composite deck tiles – Clay tiles are created by cooking molds clay into specific ways to make tiles. How hard is clay it depends on how hot it becomes and the time it is baked. After cooking, enamel and protective treatments performed are often applied. You should choose clay tile based on what kind of look you want your roof to have. Each clay tile is a little different, so that proper installation procedures are very important.

Composite deck tiles roofs must be installed on the deck of continuous wood. If you use plywood, make sure the plywood is at least 5/8 inch thick to provide the necessary basis. Stay away from fire retardant fiberboard and wood, which can develop problems when tiled roof. Before you start laying the tiles, you need to install the subfloor or base material that forms a protective layer between the tile and wood.

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Composite deck tiles, underlayment is known as asphalt felt paper or cloth, and is designed to protect the roof while installing tile and create a waterproof barrier after installing the tile. Choose an asphalt saturated felt, code 15 or 30, if you can find a local supplier. If your roof has a slope of 40 degrees or more, install a layer, but if you have a slope of between 18 and 40 degrees, use two layers. If your roof is below 18 degrees angle, you should not use clay tiles as an option. Place the felt into strips, from the bottom up, using a gun staple bonding materials or instructions as felt is banned.

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