Common Garden Weeds

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about common garden weeds

Common garden weeds – Common garden weeds are an “undesirable” grass. It is not a particular species but, depending on time and place where you are, you can behave as such. “For example, wheat, a crop widely appreciated, can be a weed if you are in a field of beet and onion and cause damage,” explains Andreu Taberner, head of Committee for prevention and management resistance to herbicides (HRPC) of Spanish Society of Weed Science. amount by which a species is located at a certain point is another factor to consider when bad. We need to be present in an amount sufficient to produce damage.

Common garden weeds are plants with a great capacity for adaptation to environment and more “competitive ability by water, space and nutrients” than other crops. When an area is unoccupied, weeds take some time to appear. Likewise, those crops that are struggling to develop are more likely to become infested.

Consequences of emergence of common garden weeds are seen, especially in gardening. open spaces that are not used tend to be invaded. As a result, as detailed Andreu Taberner, weeds “disfigure garden” difficult step, decrease crop production, generate allergies, prick – “in case of nettles are found in roadsides or thistles in playgrounds of schools”