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Collect and Treat Planting Chives

Planting chives – While the onions are related to the onion, planting chives leaves are not the root, which are consumed. Actually, the plant resembles a bunch of grass, but bears little purple flowers until the last days of spring. Fresh chives are commonly used as a food seasoning, but the leaves can be dried for later use. Chives choose at any time in which plant leaves are long enough to use. This can occur within two months after planting the seeds of chives or a month after transplant a plant in the garden or in a container. Cut the leaves of chives with scissors or a knife about 2 cm above the ground.

You can selectively cut some leaves or cut chive grove whole plant to get a bigger supply. Limits cut the whole plant to once every two months for the new plants and once a month for established plants. Planting chives can be cured or dried in a number of ways. Chop the onion into pieces 0.6 cm and place a single layer in a dehydrator food to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) for about five hours. To air dry, spread chives chopped in a single layer on a cookie placed away from direct sunlight in a dry day.

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