Cleaning Outdoor Fireplace With Chimney

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Modern Outdoor Fireplace with Chimney

Outdoor fireplace with chimney – Over time, chimneys can become clogged by the accumulated chemicals and ash, which creosote. This buildup prevents the smoke from properly venting and, in some cases even cause a chimney fire. When cleaning your chimney, keep an eye on structural problems such as warping and cracking. ┬áCheck with the manufacturer of the stove to see if there’s a particular brand or design of the chimney brush that works best with your model. If not, choose one that fits the size of your stack.

Open the flue and remove the damper, if your stove model has one. Check built to determine which elements of the outdoor fireplace with chimney will require most cleaning. Use the flashlight if it is too dark and the mirror to see around difficult angles. Usually, most of the accumulation may be in the upper third of the chimney. Look out for all the birds nests or other obstructions that may need to be removed.

Cover the bottom of your chimney with a tarp or plastic wrap. Some stoves can relax stove pipe from the chimney and then cover the opening therein. Others have a separate access door that allows you to collect the ashes and debris. Depending on the model, cover whatever opening you need to prevent debris from escaping into your house. Put on protective equipment, such as a pair of goggles, a mask and gloves. The outdoor fireplace with chimney dust is very irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract, and can be difficult to remove from clothing.