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Cleaning Modern Outdoor Fountains

Modern outdoor fountains – The sources outdoor create a tranquil atmosphere, attracting many species of birds and add an elegant touch to your garden or patio, but not if the water is dirty. Keep the water of the fountain clean and clear can be a challenge, but with a little knowledge, it is not hard to do.

Modern outdoor fountains, waste removed daily. Using a small network, such as those designed to remove the larger fish from a home aquarium, remove debris such as leaves, twigs, feathers and anything that has fallen into the fountain. Waste, especially leaves, quickly generates bacteria and algae, which cause the water to turn brown and look dirty. If you take a moment each day to remove debris, this process will not take place. Properly remove waste helps protect the pump from damage.

Modern outdoor fountains clean the source once a week. Drain the water and use a cloth and a brush to clean the inner surface of the source. Doing this once a week, algae will not grow. Cleaning once a week also makes the cleaning process faster and easier. Clean a dirty source once a month can take hours. A well maintained clean once a week source may take a few minutes.

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