Choose Wooden Planter Boxes to Decor Your Landscape

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Wooden Planter

Wooden planter boxes – Enhance the decor of your landscape using a planter-natural material for growing plants. Wooden planter boxes are effective for growing plants on terraces and patios, within the landscape or entertainment areas around outdoors.

Paint the inside and the outside of the pot with a toxic wood stain that prolongs the life of the wood. Use a clear spot or one that is darker than the wooden planter boxes. Dip the natural bristle brush on the stain and can be painted inside and out. Allow the wood to dry pot in the newspaper. Line the inside of the pot with plastic. Make drainage holes in the bottom of the plastic with a knife. Tape the plastic to the top of the pot, but out of sight of the vision. Hammer nails rust-proof joints of the pot to keep the box from falling apart from moisture.

Fill a container that fits in the pot with potting soil up to 1/2 inch from the top wooden planter boxes. Check below the container to ensure drainage holes that are at least half an inch in diameter was. Place a plate on the bottom of the pot. 1 inch layer of gravel in the bottom to help with drainage. Set the container on the pan.