Cement and Urn Planters

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Large Urn Planters

Urn planters – Cement urn planters have several different uses for both home and for the garden. They can hold plants, flowers and even trees in gardens or patios or decks. The topiaries are common residents in urns garden cement. Some boxes make ideal bird drinkers and others have the depth and size suitable for holding umbrellas by the front door. Others might use one in a larger bathroom to hold towels guests. But act as containers is not its only function.

Often a cement urn planters just sits empty on a garden or home, the only decoration. This is typically done with two identical urns are placed to complement a hallway, entrance or other architectural detail. Squares businesses often use several huge urns for home trees to add more natural to concrete expansion space feeling.

Round, square and rectangular shapes are the most common for cement urn planters. But how alone does not define the look of an urn. Some have wreaths decorative in them, while others have lions’ heads spaced evenly around the edges. Another grace is wavy designs while others still have a distinctive look Greek. The lilies, crests and emblems can be found on other, adding to the appearance established that cement urns offer.