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Building Pool Chaise Lounge Chair

Building Pool Chaise Lounge Chair – Relaxing at the pool level economical with this do it yourself outside poolside chaise. Many trade chairs are available, but they are expensive and can be thin. With an external chair from reclaimed pallets, Money nothing to lose in comfort. This project requires minimal supplies and no special skills. Make several and invite your friends to relax by the pool.

To build pool chaise lounge chair select two pallets that are clean and undamaged. Pallets of foreign broadcasts are to be generally of high quality. With a hammer in pounds or remove loose nails. Smooth out rough spots that cause splinters or take on the clothes with medium sandpaper could. Layers stain for both pallets with a brush. The patch makes the pallets look better and help to protect them from the elements. Allow it to dry completely the stain.

Select a location to install the Level pool chaise lounge chair. Put the two pallets on the spot, right next to each other, with no gap between them. Cut a piece of foam 3/4 inch smaller than the range of measurement. Cut a piece of outer fabric to 8 inches to measure larger than the foam on all sides. Stretch the fabric down. Place the foam pad at the top and in the middle of the tissue. Fold the ends of the fabric. Cut two pieces melt web across the width of the foam suit. Show the pieces of web of the fabric over the folded at the ends. Place the foam pad on top of the pallets with the seam side down. Arrange several outdoor cushions for comfort.

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