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Building Exterior Barn Doors

Exterior barn doors can add your convenience, especially when moving heavy equipment or other big items in your pole barn. There are many types of pole barn doors that you can install or build for example sliding doors, sliding doors, roof rack doors and more. But if you want to build tough, durable pole barn doors, you can do it by using laminated veneer (LVL) beams. LVL beams are a popular choice for pole barn doors because they are designed to withstand high stresses, easy to work with and, eventually, cost-effective. Here’s how to build pole barn doors with LVL material beams.


Buy a sufficient number of LVL beams to match the specifications of the exterior barn doors you need. Pick up maple or oak hardwood boards, according to the amount required, along with other relevant articles from a mess and iron trade. Measure the height and width of your pole barn door space. Take four LVL beams and cut them to half the width of your pole barn door doorway. So, four more LVL beams and cut them to match the height of your pole barn doors, make sure you reduce 8 inches from each length to allow the width of the cross beams.

Make sure you allow a 2 inch space under each exterior barn doors for easy opening and closing of the doors. Place the LVL beams next to each other and use a metal tag to attach them. This will create the basic box frame for each door. Now you can cut the crossbar to the appropriate size. Select the correct angles at the top and bottom of the crossbar, and then use the saw to cut it to fit the frame perfectly.

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