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Build Small Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Small outdoor fire pit – Starting with make a scale drawing of your brand pit table. It should be twelve inches high; with a top we’ve by eighteen inches. Cross brace for stability 6 inches above the ground angle iron is effective for fire pit tables as it can withstand high heat. And can support the weight effectively. You will need 6 pieces of angle iron 18 inches long and 8 pieces. 12 inches long for the small outdoor fire pit table, not including cross brace. Cut the pieces carefully and accurately with the torch as the final table fits well.

To put 4 of the 18 inch angle iron sections at the top of the table, in addition to 3 inches. Lay their ends on a 12 inch piece of angle iron at each narrow end. Mount the legs into the corners, and putting out the cross brace. Add 2 more 12-inch pillars of the long table top bars, 6 inches from each end of the table, for extra support. Mark notch in the 18-inch sections to fit the 12 inch support rods in those tight. Weld top bars to end-bars, with clean tight weld seams. Set table legs to each corner of the small outdoor fire pit table top.

The transverse braces forming supportive X under the table will be a little more than 18 inches in length, the square root of 360, which works out to 18,973 inches Cut those from 48 inch angle iron piece and welding onto table legs 6 inches above the ground. Place the small outdoor fire pit table in your fire pit and test it for stability  Place thin stone under the legs if the ground is uneven This table should be able to support the weight of a large 20 gallons cauldron.

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