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Build Deck With Pergola

Deck With Pergola – Building a pergola is a great way to add shade and visual interest to your deck. If you have some experience in projects of home improvement, you can build a pergola yourself using basic methods of dimensional lumber carpentry and widely available. As with any construction project outdoors, check your local ordinances and any statutes of the community so that to meet the needs and acquire the necessary permits.

General Specifications

As a rule, building the roof structure of the deck with pergola not less than 7 m above the top of the plant. When measuring, take into consideration the steps leading to the terrace of the main house. If you plan on growing vines in large pergola, allow another 18 to 24 inches, they do not want guests tall to hit his head against the beams of the pergola or get tangled thorns in her pink hair.

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Wood Specifications

Whenever you use wood for a construction project outdoors, it is important to take steps to avoid problems with wood rot and excessive wear. You can select a wood such as cedar for deck with pergola, which naturally resists putrefaction and many insect pests, or if not stain the wood with special treatment to protect it from the elements. You could use pressure-treated wood also.

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