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Build Deck Stairs

Build deck stairs – To determine that the earth is flat, a board and a level to check whether the area is level will be used. If this is not flat, the builder must find a way to irregular. Despise having the completely flat area. It must draw the area where the construction will take place build deck stairs. After performing the strokes, you must dig holes in the ground with a shovel, Iran located here posts. These are placed through reinforced concrete; so that they remain firm without any movement.

The size of the holes should be more than one foot deep, so normally measured with 16 inches deep. Subsequently filling the holes with concrete, the worker must certify that the concrete is dry at the surface. To check build deck stairs the status of the concrete can use a trowel or pancetta.

Stringers after being cut are placed in frequency through galvanized screws. Later he must perform cutting stair treads. This cut should be an inch longer than the stringer. After making the cut wooden pegs are used to create wooden rails. For refinishing; is added a beam above the railing to grab people when going up or down build deck stairs. These handrails shall have a special support for this 100% safe is maintained.

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