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Build Concrete Outdoor Wall Water Fountains

Outdoor wall water fountains – A more pleasurable way to add a water feature in your garden is by installing a wall fountain. These fountains are created by attaching a fountainhead to an existing wall. The wall may be a freestanding concrete wall or a garage wall. You just need access to the other side of the wall to run a power cord and a tube from a water pump. The water then flows out of the wall from the fountainhead. Traditional fountain heads include stone heads, such as a lion’s head. But they come in a variety of styles to suit your personality.

Build outdoor wall water fountains; Dig a hole in front of the concrete wall where the fountain will be placed. The hole should be large enough for a plastic tub that serves as a reservoir. Place the basin in the hole and make sure that it is level. Use a jigsaw to cut a piece of metal screening in the basin. The metal screening must be wide enough to cover the entire container. Upper and lower holes in the concrete wall. Make sure the holes line evenly. Water pipe and power cord for the pump will be snaked through the bottom hole on the other side of the wall.

Build an outdoor wall water fountains, Be Submerged water pump and place it in a plastic tub. Pull the water tube out through the front upper hole. Then connect the pipe to the fountainhead. Fountainhead can be placed on a concrete wall with glue or wall mounting equipment. Insert the metal screening of the underground basin. Then place the plastic waste basin at the screening. The water flowing out from the fountainhead will be caught in the spill basin. Fill the overflow basin and the underground basin with water. Turn on the pump and check the flow of water. The water should spill from the fountainhead and turn spill basin.

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