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Brick Patio Planters

Patio planters – Brick patio planters is the strong and solid material that makes a beautiful container gardening. The only drawback is that it is heavy brick material, which makes it difficult to transport and place in your garden or patio. A great alternative is to make your own brick planter, which is built on the exact spot where it will remain. Thus the planter as you want it to make use of odd or unused with something beautiful spaces is constructed.

Patio planters draw the outline of the pot in the ground where you want to place it. Use chalk to draw different lines showing that the planter must be. Creating a ditch along chalk drawing with a small shovel. The trench should be as wide as a brick and deep enough to keep the brick with a third of the brick on the ground.

Patio planters prepare the mortar according to package directions. Runs in the bottom of the trench with a trowel. Press the bricks in mortar, leaving a 1/2 inch space between each brick. Continue until the trench is covered with bricks. Fill the gap between the bricks with mortar, smoothing and wiping the mortar that is put on the faces of the bricks.

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