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Beauty of Boulder Retaining Wall

Boulder retaining wall design ideas are impressive with raw beauty of stones and feeling of strength and robustness. They can have a different purpose: to strengthen a sloping ground, they can be purely decorative or used to mark boundaries of a plot. However, usual function of a retaining wall is to prevent soil erosion and that is why we see garden on steel hills, but when you want to add them as a decorative garden element, you can build them in a flat area

Boulder retaining wall stone is a natural stone that comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, incredible colors. boulders have ability to fit into outdoor space and create an atmosphere of natural beauty. You can find boulders in many stone courtyards, as they are often used for construction and landscaping, you can see them around pools, water features of garden such as waterfalls, zen stone gardens, etc.

popularity of rocks is due to different textures and colors that have a great visual effect. design ideas of boulder retaining wall are especially useful when you want to combine functionality and natural appearance. If your site has a natural slope and you are in mountainous terrain, you need to think about a support structure. It will be a spectacular decorative element of landscape design and at same time play role of protecting your land from erosion.


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