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Beautiful Small Front Yard Landscaping

Small front yard landscaping – Small houses have wonderful opportunities to prove inventive small front yard landscaping. When the front surface is much less than an acre, it is less expensive and time consuming to plant a cottage garden, recreating an entry craftsman bungalow design or walls to protect their comings and goings of a nearby street.

The University of Missouri home gardeners remember that the purpose of the small front yard landscaping is direct people to the door with ease, and provide a sense of style that blends in with the architecture and the surrounding neighborhood.

If you live in a house, you should have a cottage garden. Even a small front yard landscaping has room for annual and perennial flowering plants gathered in containers and parcels of overcrowding. Hang plants at the front door if they have a porch. Train lilac wisteria on a trellis or if there is no porch.

Plant decorative trees and mimosa to the side, away from the walk.  If you have room, half-drums hold miniature gardens within a garden entrance. To yards stamp size, use an eclectic collection of terracotta and ceramic pots, pots sculpted concrete and galvanized tubs reused and composted plots and fertilized flowers.

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