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Basil Plant Flowering Ideas

Basil Plant Flowering – Potpourri basil plant flowering: Dried basil flowers, seeds and stems with spicy aroma are ideal for use in potpourri. This term refers to small bowls of dried flowers and herbs designed to emanate an intense aroma at home. Within a small purse or silk cushion, potpourri basil can scent the sock drawer or closet. The bouquets of dried basil with other fresh that remain attached to the stem also a nice decoration for the home. Historical use of basil plant flowering: In his book “Flowers That Heal” (Flowers That Heal), Judy Griffin describes the historical uses of basil flowers, such as insect repellent and healing liquid. The high content of flowers means camphor used to prepare penetrating oils or liquors. It is believed that when drinking the essence of flowers promotes digestion and relieves headaches and nausea. They can help improve concentration, alertness and ability to solve problems.

Garden: Those growing herbs can choose between several types of basil. The classic green basil plant flowering is the most common cooking. For a more varied and impressive appearance in the garden, the bright purple stems holy basil enliven a plot of herbs. When African blue basil flowers, is full of attractive lilac buds that resemble those of an ornamental plant.

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