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Backyard Drainage Ideas

Backyard Drainage – Lack of drainage can be a big problem for homeowners once the floor has been installed around the house or new houses are built around. Some areas in the backyard can become flooded during heavy rains. Planting in these wetlands can not solve the problem. Adding backyard drainage is not a complicated project to do. It takes a little time, but will alleviate the problems of excess water.

Look for the highest point of the backyard drainage and the lowest point of the backyard. The drainage system will run through this area. With a shovel, dig a ditch along the road. The trench should be about 24 “deep and 6” wide. When complete, compact the soil in the bottom of the trench.

Backyard drainage, line the bottom of the trench with 2 “gravel. This should be done along the entire length of the trench. Place the drainage tube 4 “perforated along the entire length of the trench. The holes in the drain line should be pointing down towards the gravel in order to collect water. Fill the trench with gravel on top of the drain pipe installed. The trench should be completely full leaving 1 “at the top to sod.

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