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Amazing Landscape Edging

Landscape Edging – Landscape edging gives a finished look to your garden and keeps the design and materials of the plants in place. Mulch and decorative stones are less likely to wash in heavy rain or excessive watering if you are framed by borders barrier type. Wash the edges – which are inserted with only a small lip on the ground – provide less of a barrier, but tend to let their focus the eye in the garden as a whole. Stone and wood are just two of the materials used in both border.

If you live near ocean or other large body of open water, most likely you will find pieces of driftwood that covered waterfront. Worn and weathered by action of sun and waves, some of these pieces are as smooth as silk. Driftwood comes in all shapes and sizes, and, natural looking landscape edging effective ago.

Shale rock, which is used for floors and patios, also works for landscape edging. Large flat pieces of slate can be stacked on edge or to create a barrier or partially buried for trim color. Gray, blue and sometimes almost black slate rocks provide a dramatic visual contrast when used to line beds of brightly colored flowers.

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