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Alternative to Automatic Driveway Gates

Automatic driveway gates openers use a motor of some kind to open ports at a distance. There are many different types of gate opening systems, and if you do not work for you then switching to another system can solve the problems you are struggling with. Power sources, types of street motion and detection methods are just some of the aspects that can be changed.

Alternative to automatic driveway gates with solar, many newer automatic port openers use a solar system to generate electricity to the port. Solar panels are constructed near the street, and sunlight is transformed into electrical energy stored in a battery. This energy is used to open and close the ports while the battery does not have to be manually charged or replaced.

With automatic driveway gates openers, there are generally two ways the gate is told to open or close. The first way is remote control, similar to a garage door works. A remote sends an infrared or radio signal to the motor in the port, which then opens and closes again when another command is given. Detection systems use either infrared rays or pressure plates to detect when a car has pulled up to the port, which can then be opened or simply enabled to wait another command.

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