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Above Ground Pool Covers Design Ideas

Above Ground Pool Covers – above ground pool covers After installing your new above ground pool, you may decide that you want a cover for easy access. The first step in any good construction or remodeling project is to plan and design the project to get the final results you are looking for. As with any construction project, you need to get at least the advice of a professional builder. If you are unsure of how to make your design a reality, hiring a contractor once their plans are complete.

Above ground pool covers Contact your local zoning board and ask what the laws and guidelines to follow are.  Create a model of your backyard. It is easy to do if you buy the software cover design that allows you to make a computer model using simple icons and instructions. The model should include your pool, terraces and nothing existing that can influence the design of a cover, such as trees surrounding the pool or a steep slope leading out of one side of the pool. Decide where the new cover will be placed.

Consider several different types of designs before deciding the final. Some considerations include: a partial deck that surrounds only part of the pool and offers full access; a full deck that wraps around the entire pool; or multi-level deck that can provide an area for a barbecue or a step down to an existing deck. Develop a list of materials needed for the job, and then create a cost estimate. Decide on a color that matches your current color scheme backyard. In most cases, a natural wood color would be appropriate. However, if you are connecting the above ground pool covers deck to an existing deck you may want to make sure that the colors are the same. Think of the finishing touches, such as deck lighting, landscaping and doors to limit access.

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